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About Us. 

The McNicol Family entered the Connemara world after Jill traveled to Virginia on a Thoroughbred shopping trip with clients.  On the trip the party visited the Grayson's Blue Ridge Farm in Upperville.   While everyone talked "shop" in the farm office, Jill noticed a picture of the handsome Moxley Duncan on the wall.  A trip across the farm ensued to meet Duncan.   That visit planted the seed and just a few years later Connemaras made their debut at Cool Springs Farm.   Although this hardy Irish pony is the cornerstone of our program,  we embrace the Thoroughbred as the most important sport horse gene pool in the world and the strength, soundness and sensiblity of the  Irish Draught for the bedrock of our program.   

Our primary goal is produce purebred, athletic, sensible Connemaras that truly do it all and bring joy to their people.   We also strive to produce a few upper level purpose bred event horses which have the potential to reach the highest level of sport. 



Our homebreds have been successfully shown in many disciplines but more importantly they are treasured family members.  Shown is Cool Springs MacArthur after winning the Connemara award at The National Dressage Pony Cup. 

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